Junior IT Specialist (IT Technician)

Job Description, Mandates

  1. Platform Coordinator 
  2. Intranet/web Coordinator 
  3. MS 365 and Local IT Coordinator

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables: 

Ad 1) To support day to day operation of the AS-Platform 

  • System monitoring – using various tools for checking any system malfunction, security alerts and troubleshoot performance,
  • Incident and request management, including daily/weekly reporting,
  • Level 1 support for internal and external customers of the ASP,
  • Creating automation solution and supporting customized reporting (using automation tools like Zapier, Integromat, PowerAutomate)

This mandate mainly relates to technical tasks. Communication with our customers or any kind of direct end customer’s support activities are minimal and tech focused. Detailed system administration and development tasks (server admin, further development etc.) are not in scope but only supporting organizations that cover those  

Ad 2) To support intranet functions (SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive support) and coordinate web site demands (web developers for ASG domains: main, platform or tool specific) 

  • Developing new and maintaining current intranet (SharePoint) or web (main site, platform or tools) structure, 
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving (connecting with other KM tools, learning platform etc.)
  • Reporting usage, perfrmance and security
  • Level 1 support for internal customers (employees and ext.colleagues) 

This mandate is about supporting better infromation and knowledge sharing on the technical level. It should support Information Technology, Knowledge Management and Marketing functions in ASG from the delivery in the web-based tech area (to deliver solution for demand) 

Ad 3) To complement support organizations for the Microsoft 365 environment and local IT demands 

  • Troubleshooting technical and software issues with virtual workstations and end-users local devices (printers, scanners, desktop, or other) and coordination with local/central IT support organizations,
  • Maintaining hardware and software inventory, taking care of purchase requirements, optimizing HW/SW in use, safe disposal of hw (security-wise)
  • Support IT, Data Security and Data Privacy requirements by collecting reports
  • Level 1 support for internal customers (employees and ext.colleagues) in area of MS 365 and other software in use in ASG

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