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The reason why businesses switch from the Traditional Organizational Model to Agile is because the single one goal of an Agile Organization is to be able to react to changing market and client needs faster and more effectively while staying ahead of their competitors. Businesses should seriously consider Agile transformation solutions because due to rapid technological developments the number of competitors are much higher, even tiny one-man businesses are able to serve serious client demands and compete with large organizations.

Our methodology is based on the following interdependent factor model:
1. Establish the ABILITY to be Agile
Implement the needed tools, technical knowledge and organization structure to be ABLE working in agile
2. Find the needed COMPETENCIES to think and work Agile
Assess, select and develop the most suitable people for the agile mind- and competency set.
Evalutating these competencies before selection and development can mean success or failure in the transformation!

Would you like to transform to
and run a successful agile organization?


Modeling agile competencies

Based on our outstanding and tested methodology we define or re-phrase the competency-set for each agile role. The competency model is customized for your organization and the specific methodology your organization will implement.

Competency mapping

Our experts map the customized competency sets to the evaluation tools required for measurement. “Translating” the results of the tools will help your organization to compare candidates, find bottle-necks and flag developmental areas.

Assessing the agile mindset

Our approach focuses on the specific needs of your organization and the specific agile role. We offer the best measurement tools on the market to gain objective picture of the competencies customized for your requirements.

Customized agile reports

Our reports are understandable and customized for the needs of your organization. Clear descriptions and recommendations included for the agile role and the fit for the specific position. Reports are designed to help you make right decisions.

Developing your agile people

Our experts highlight the strengths, flagging development needs and aligning them with the agile organization’s goals. Targeted development enables people to reach their full potential in specific roles and keep them engaged for further development.

Tracking agile performance

Our approach focuses on the business outcomes and sustainability of agile organizations providing methodology to build competency measurement in Performance Evaluation Systems anchored to the principles of our two factor model.

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to assess, select and develop the most suitable people for the Agile mindset?

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