BEI – Behavioural Event Interview

Make your interview process more effective!

For organisations, the only thing more expensive than recruiting new candidates is high turnover – hence, finding a competent employee (whether from outside the organisation or from within) who fits the job, the organisational culture and the team is key to a company’s success.

The time and resources available in the selection process are limited, but what is certain is that we will meet candidates in person (or even online) for an interview at some point – so it makes a difference how HR and managers use that hour.

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) Training is an effective and reliable technique for those involved in the selection process. The methodology is highly suitable for predicting the job performance of candidates and mapping their competencies.

Competences are deep-rooted qualities and abilities that determine a person’s success in a particular task. People are often unaware of their competences, answering direct questions in general terms or giving the answers the interviewer(s) expect according to their assumptions.

The secret of the effectiveness of BEI interview technique training is the fact that past actions and decision patterns are the best predictors and indicators of future behaviour. Our methodology thus focuses on the actual situation, task, behaviour and results, rather than on the general self-perception of the candidate.

Who is it recommended for?

The target group of our training is practitioners who value a fair and comparable interview process that fits with organisational expectations and provides truly relevant results about the candidate’s competences, thus predicting future performance.

I have always had a bit of an aversion to different types of training, because I have rarely attended a training where I could be distracted for long hours. With BEI it was different, it was exciting and interactive all the way through, and I particularly liked the fact that we were able to practice with the help of an actor at the end.

I am sure that we have gained very useful practical knowledge from the training, which will help us to be more professional in recruitment.

The one-day BEI training was really enjoyable. Apart from having fun, I also gained a lot of knowledge. The material was very structured with lots of situational exercises.

By having an actor to practice interview situations with, we can put BEI into practice much more effectively. I can’t wait to apply it!

Why is it useful?

Clear expectations

In order to use the BEI Interview Technique Training, it is essential to have pre-defined competency expectations of the candidates, which will greatly contribute to informed and justifiable decision making, as well as future performance appraisal.

Relevant questions, relevant answers

The BEI Interview Technique Training is a targeted, systematic assessment of the competences sought, based on a set of questions deliberately designed in advance to ensure that the candidates’ answers in this framework really relate to what we want to assess.

Correct, consistent assessment

Our methodology helps to evaluate and compare candidates objectively and fairly. This technique allows us to eliminate subjective factors, regardless of the personal nature of the interview situation, as it provides us with a more objective tool due to its structured nature.

Professionally supported methodology

The BEI Interview Technique Training is an internationally recognized methodology, used and taught by our trainers in many fields and organizations, so in addition to the professional basics, we also transfer best practices to the participants during the BEI Training.

BEI Interview Technique Training

Our training focuses on putting theory into practice, preparing for the challenges of interviewing, typical difficulties and practicing solutions.

For individuals

For HR professionals and managers, we offer one-day open training sessions.

Next training: 2022.08.04. 

For companies

For organisations, a closed, tailored training session for HR and managers is the most optimal.

Our tailor-made solutions for companies include a short pre-training survey, based on which we tailor the training exercises to the current needs and key competencies of the organisation, ensuring a more relevant training content and experience.

If you have any questions about our training,
or would like to register, please contact us!

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