Digital Leadership – Myth, Mystery or Opportunity?

Digitalization is certainly one of the hottest and urging trends across all industries. No doubt. Unfortunately it is as well very much “over-buzzed” and the real anchor points for this transformation are sometimes getting out of focus. Although benefits are obvious:

Are We Endangered by the Stress Epidemic?

All of us can feel that our society is becoming strongly focused on performance and achievements. We are required to be more competitive and able to withstand everyday challenges not only in our work life, but also in our personal lives. As one of the results, stress has become the symptom of our times and “I’m stressed,” is a line heard almost every day.

Get your Performance right

What is the ultimate goal of People Management? Happier people? Well, maybe, for a purpose. And what is that purpose?  Performance. We in HR all work on producing the best environment, choosing the best people, working out the best processes, rules, and regulations, conducting the best development programs, all in order to help our employees achieve the best level of performance they can so that our organization can be successful.

Experiential Learning exercises – Jump on board or abandon ship?

Experiential learning (EL) is a type of learning that is focused on reflecting on what has been done, and drawing conclusions and implementing improvements based on that experience. EL exercises are activities that provide users with a challenge and through the process of solving it, an insight into their mindset, behavior and problem solving capability.

Diagrammatic reasoning tests – a useful IT selection tool

What exactly is a diagrammatic reasoning test (DRT for short)?

The short, simple answer is  that it’s a test that measures “brain power”.  A more precise answer would be that it is a type of reasoning test that aims to measure logical reasoning skills as well as the ability to find hidden connections between seemingly unrelated objects and processes.

Here’s an example:

Less ammo, more hits – targeting an employee development program

In his last blog post my dear colleague Luděk Stehlík promised that we’d bring a concrete example of a simple tool that can help us identify reliable pieces of knowledge, that may have real impact on the business results of the company. The list of universally “hot” business topics include job performance of employees, employee engagement, retention rates, and so on. Let’s be ambitious and let’s take a look at something that is directly related to performance!

People Analytics: How To Fool Ourselves Less

Imagine that you are a Londoner during the latter stages of 2WW when London came under bombardment by German "vengeance weapons" – the V-1 buzz bombs and V-2 rockets. Based on your personal experience and personal experience of other Londoners you have a strong suspicion that these bombs are landing in definite clusters, with an unusual number of bombs landing on the poorer parts of the city, and thus making these areas of the city more dangerous than others. Now imagine that after the war I would present you with a map showing points of impact of 67 V-l bombs in Central London. The map would look this way:

Hello Science, Meet HR

Successful enterprises seek to improve their operations through innovation. For many years, HR could focus only on precise or the most optimized processes. But by doing so a company could fall into the trap of becoming too rigid and could miss new opportunities or approaches.