Charity with Assessment Systems

To celebrate the success, we decided to cooperate with Human in Need, this time for the project Share the party with Assessment Systems. The celebration aim is to contribute to the education of Angola’s children, who really need our help. More than a half of Angolans older than 15 years is illiterate, which is a rather alarming number. That’s why our company wants to collectively work on decreasing this amount.

How Does Asystems 360˚ feedback support Talent Management?

In the 360° feedback the inputs originate from many directions (superiors, colleagues, subordinates or internal and external customers) in a structured way along with relevant competencies, helping us in successful mapping of the colleague’s potential. We can construct a matrix from the cross section of the potential and performance data, where the high-potential and high-performing colleagues could be easily identified.

Why You cannot neglect Generation Y?

"Members of Generation Y can perform outstandingly in business – if we know and consider their specialties and create a suitable working environment for them."

"The ideal Generation Y workplace is all about inspiration and social ideas in a colorful and exciting environment, where everyone can work in flexible timeframes."

(BIG) Data in HR strategy – the future or the present?

We live in a quickly changing business environment and innovation could be detected everywhere. The speed of the development is already high and it accelerates exponentially. There is available data everywhere and about everything, this means a huge amount that should be used and handled properly. Human Resource Management departments should be ready to use this data and be sophisticated enough in data analyzing and understanding. HR industry and departments within the organizations should put on speed.

How To prevent Burn Out in Your Team But Still Hit the Targets?

If we wanted to perfectly describe current trends in an environment that is becoming more competitive every day, the motto, “Do more with less,” would be the best choice.

Companies need to constantly come up with new ways to improve their productivity if they want to stay profitable. This pressure is connected with additional costs and can cause problems, one of them being the increasing risk of work-related stress or its levels. Stress is slowly becoming the synonim for our times and “I’m stressed,” is heard almost every day.

Digital Leadership – Myth, Mystery or Opportunity?

Digitalization is certainly one of the hottest and urging trends across all industries. No doubt. Unfortunately it is as well very much “over-buzzed” and the real anchor points for this transformation are sometimes getting out of focus. Although benefits are obvious:

Are We Endangered by the Stress Epidemic?

All of us can feel that our society is becoming strongly focused on performance and achievements. We are required to be more competitive and able to withstand everyday challenges not only in our work life, but also in our personal lives. As one of the results, stress has become the symptom of our times and “I’m stressed,” is a line heard almost every day.