Case study – Game-based Assessments for boosting entry-level recruitment

The Challenge

Siemens faced new challenges during their digital transformation process. The need for top entry-level talents and a refreshed employer brand inclined the human resources department to redesign their selection approach. After revisiting their selection process, the following improvements were found to be crucial:


Improving their approach to attracting entry-level talents


Measuring behaviors and mindset rather then just ability – in order to improve the talent selection itself

The specific outcomes they wanted to achieve with the revised selection process was to:

  • Improve candidate engagement and rating of the recruitment process
  • Increase the number of female candidates who would progress to the final stage
  • Improve filtering of the candidates who would go through the next round – the Assessment Centers

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Game Based Assessment as Solution

The company decided to implement game based assessment as solution for their entry level selection challenges. The new process was more attractive to the candidates because of the engaging interface, and the assessments themselves were more data-driven and precise in terms of identifying candidates who would fit the success profile within the company.
The new selection approach consisted several steps:
The preparation phase, the teams conducted job analysis sessions to define what successful performance looks like in the given roles.
Validation where current employees conducted the game based assessments and their results were compared against performance data to identify the behaviors which predicted success in the roles.
Creating the fit profile – this enabled the company to have an ideal profile to compare the candidates against and calculate their fit score.


The outcomes of the new selection process exceeded the company’s expectations in terms of all three main goals:

  • 85% of candidates reported they enjoyed the Game Based Assessment more than the traditional approaches, and 79% perceived it as reflecting well on Siemens brand.
  • The number of female participants who progressed to the final stage of the selection process was double the initial number
  • The Game-based Assessments filtered the candidates better since the pass rate in the Assessment Centers increased from 24% to 40% – this means that more quality candidates were identified through the new assessment approach.

Overall, the new selection process resulted in a higher attraction of entry level candidates because of the engaging interface of Game Based Assessments, and more fair and precise identification of the best-suiting candidates for the company due to assessing the most relevant dimensions for the success in the roles within the company.

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