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Assessment Systems International’s guide to contemporary HR challenges, addresses all C-level managers and HR-professionals in three chapters; Employee selection, Development and Leadership.

This guide presents the strategic role of HR in business management through the use of international research, case studies and practical examples.

The CEO’s Guide to HR-Management reveals how the role of Human Resources Management has become a significant factor that drives business success, and shows what a 21st century leadership toolbox should contain.

About the Author

Assessment Systems International

Assessment Systems International is a HR service provider with 60 associates working in 8 Eastern European countries with over a decade of market experience and annual turnover in excess of 4 million Euros. Assessment Systems International having attained an excellent professional background and highly qualified consultants has conducted more than 150.000 assessments and delivered consulting services based on them to companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, PwC or Safoni.

What people said about the Guide

"I would like to believe that this guide will not only be read by HR, but all leaders - for the sake of their own and associates' personal development.

Irisz Lippai-Nagy
CEO - American Chamber of Commerce

"The third page already sets the tone: managing our human resources is a key to business success. Managing our employees is connected to each leader in an organization and not just HR. This responsibility puts them in the position where every new idea, approach, method, research result that can help is priceless."

Julia Füredi
Senior Vice President HR director - UniCredit Bank

"According to our main values we have collected the most important aspect of dealing with people in our workplace, this is how this guide was created."

Zsolt Feher
CEO - Assessment Systems International

Topics of the HR Guide

1. Selection – How to choose the best candidate for the job?

a. Best selection practicies
b. Finding the ideal coworker
c. Leadership selection tools

2. Development– After finding the bests, start developing them!

a. Competent employees are a company's brand
b. 21st century employer challenges and solutions
c. Leadership toolkit for HR-development

3. Leadership – How to get from good to great?

a. Good leaders/bad leaders: from self-mastery to emotional intelligence
b. Leadership characteristics, abilities and challenges
c. Leadership training toolkit

4. Assessment Systems International

* By downloading you will receive a confirmation e-mail to subscribe to our newsletter.