What is Talent Management?


Talent management is form of development for the gifted people in your company. Employees who have shown the potential to be able to perform in more demanding and important roles (such as leadership, professionalism) are then put on a track where they participate in training programs and receive coaching and mentoring.



How does Talent Management work?

Talent-management is a commitment from you and your organisation that you will invest in your ”talent”, hence this agenda needs a talent identification process first that is followed by various forms of individual and group development over time.

How does Assessment Systems help you use Talent Management?

We typically help our clients from the beginning of the recruiting process by identifying the talents of their hires.  As time passes, we provide your „talent” with training or coaching and also provide their leaders with information on how to support the development of selected individuals. A continuous and honest communication is essential between your HR professionals and our consultants as this process can determine the future of the organisation.

How will Talent Management help your organization and employees?

You can help employees in their career development:

  •    You can provide a development plan for your future
  •     You can identify the most suitable candidates for leadership positions
  •     You will have a new source of motivation and retention