Future of Coaching in Organizations

Organizations are facing an epochal transition as digitization and automation changing the world of work. Assessment Systems is committed to supporting this transition by preparing companies and their leaders for people related challenges of the digital era.

Assessment Systems is pleased to be part of the Future of Coaching in Organizations conference, which is the first ICF – Hogan international conference in the region. As being the distributor of Hogan Assessment’s solutions in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS, we are committed to perfect leadership development efforts throughout the region.

The conference will be held on the 19th and 20th of April, 2018 in Budapest and has not only professional but also of regional importance. It presents new aspects of organizational development from a new perspective.

The conference has been designed to highlight the future of coaching and organizations by defining the new trends, techniques and tools for organizational development and coaching. During the two days, 21 international experts – including Robert Hogan (Founder of Hogan Assessments), Colmon Elridge (Vice President of Global Development at ICF), Colin McIlheney (PwC Research Director) and Rostislav Benak (Chairman of the Board of Assessment Systems) – will share their knowledge and experience about the hottest topics of the industry.

The “Future of Coaching in Organizations” conference focuses on sharing of best practices from the leading practitioners and thought leaders in various topics and combines exclusive content and networking for the benefit of every participants.

We invite you to visit our session learn about how Assessment Systems prepares companies and leaders for people related challenges of the future!

For more information visit the event website here.

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