GET CERTIFIED! – Learn to interpret the key information about your people

Get Hogan certified, because research and practice show that personality is one of the best predictors of how people build relationships, perceive things and approach work, as well as their job fit.

All of the above predicts work performance to a large degree, by anticipating their behavior and reflecting their competencies. That is why personality tests have found their place in employee and management selection and development processes.

Which answers should you as an HR manager or employer get by testing candidates’ and employees’ personality? First of all, you should find out what kind of an employee the person will be – will he be easy to manage or “difficult” and moody? Further, you should get information on whether the candidate has the characteristics necessary for success in the position he is applying for? Finally, a personality test should inform you whether the candidate’s values fit with the organizational culture.

Hogan personality inventories help you hire the right people, develop your employees and build strong leaders your organization needs to prosper, by using three main components – personality, career derailers, and motivation. That way you can get a complete picture of a person’s strengths, counterproductive behaviors and motivators which enable them to be happy and content with their work environment. We can use this information to make better decisions in:

  • Selection – Hogan tools can tell us whether someone has the competencies and characteristics necessary to succeed in their job, and whether they will fit in the organizational culture.
  • Development – with the help of Hogan inventories we can gain insight into employee’s potential as well as their developmental needs.
  • Leadership development – Hogan inventories are particularly useful for leadership development and can help us identify developmental challenges which leaders should work on in order to achieve their full potential in building and leading successful teams.

The Hogan inventories could be successfully used throughout the lifecycle of employee from selection and development to promotion to building leadership competencies, and in a wide scope of HR processes for making data-driven decisions e.g. in talent management and succession planning.

Why to get Hogan Certified?

However, to get the most benefit from Hogan tools in these processes, first you need to know how to efficiently use and interpret them.

That is why Hogan created the certification program where you can learn how personality predicts performance, how to interpret Hogan inventory scales, and how to give targeted developmental feedback to candidates and employees. Moreover, Hogan certification will change the way you see human nature!

Assessment Systems Group conducts regular Hogan Certification Workshops in all countries within our footprint, both in local languages and in English.



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