How can game-based assessment form your employer branding and candidate engagement?

The concept of employer branding is an important part of building a narrative around the company itself. It gives a wider audience (not just the employees) a reputation what kind of a workplace it creates and what kind of talents and skills the workers have in order to fit in. In return, having a specific employer branding helps potential candidates choose to apply to a specific company and for the HR to attract these candidates.

In todays age of consumer/user experience focus, it is important to mention a shift in thinking in the HR community towards creating a candidate journey. This concept summarizes all touchpoints a potential candidate has with either information or personnel of a particular company. To illustrate, imagine Jane who is looking for a job.


Touchpoints in her journey towards finding a suitable employer might include using social media networks, job sites or recommendations from friends and family.


Later as Jane applies for a job these touchpoints are the job description, process of application, the reply she gets and the assessments she will go through.


To reach the final step of her journey: being offered a contract or being rejected.

Having in mind the experience today’s young applicants go through, according to Arctic Shores 80 percent of candidates consider the classical pen-paper assessment process to be very stressful as well as frustrating. The biggest loss a company can face, when thinking about hiring, is the immense loss of candidates who decide to quit in the middle of the assessment cycle.

Build engaging candidate experience to support your employer branding efforts!

Hiring for entry-level positions is even more impacted by the length of the application process as applicants have a wider amount of options to choose from. Having this in mind some companies are already switching their assessment process to one more native to the younger generations: assessment in the form of mobile games. A close-to-home experience leaves a positive mark on the candidate as does the fact that it can be completed at any time and any place. The only thing needed is a phone and an active internet connection.

In short, game-based assessment looks to the candidate as a captivating game which includes tasks similar to those in regular mobile games through which points are collected. The administration itself is handled by the system and as the candidate is immersed in the storyline the time passes faster making it more user friendly.

Within the game is a logical story that includes components relevant to measured concepts. While the game itself might seem unrelated to key workplace qualities we look for in potential employees, they are—in the case of Arctic Shores—based on decades of research in well-explored cognitive tests with a prettier visual style. Having over 5 000 data points greatly improves the ability of these tests to distinguish candidates compared to classical tests. This is important to keep in mind when the assessment is used for a large number of individuals.

For the company as a whole this kind of assessment brings faster assessment results which benefits the productivity of the HR, cost savings and an image of modern employer. On the recruiters’ side there is an opportunity within each task to measure response and quantify certain cognitive processes and personality traits. The assessor benefits from getting instant results in a form of comprehensive reports based on a much larger amount of data which does not reflect how the candidate wants to be seen, as is case with traditional self-reported personality measures. The nature of the measurement makes it suitable for fast early selection of a large number of candidates in the same time and their sensitive comparison.

To conclude, the candidate gets a novel experience which feels familiar and a great opportunity to view the assessor as modern and aware of the needs of its candidate with an instant feedback in the form of an understandable report. This in turn creates a positive brand image which is likely to be shared.

Lea Jakob – Assessment Systems Czech Republic

If you want to build an outstanding candidate experience to attract and retain more talents and support your employer branding at the same time, investigate how game-based assessment can help you!

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