How To prevent Burn Out in Your Team But Still Hit the Targets?

If we wanted to perfectly describe current trends in an environment that is becoming more competitive every day, the motto, “Do more with less,” would be the best choice.

Companies need to constantly come up with new ways to improve their productivity if they want to stay profitable. This pressure is connected with additional costs and can cause problems, one of them being the increasing risk of work-related stress or its levels. Stress is slowly becoming the synonim for our times and “I’m stressed,” is heard almost every day.

A manager who realizes these consequences of decreasing productivity is facing the following question: “How can I increase the performance of my team and avoid the risks of burn-out effect and other undesirable consequences inevitably caused by stress?”

One possible answer is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which focuses on solving both work-related and personal problems of employees. EAP works on the basis of confidential consulting service provided to employees by qualified psychologists, lawyers and finance consultants – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This service is available free of charge to every employee incorporated into the program, and research shows that it benefits the employees in multiple ways, which ultimately makes them more engaged and satisfied with their jobs, and reduces the risk of work injuries due to exhaustion.

Consequently, EAP has been shown to decrease problems with:

It is clear to see that the employers benefit greatly from these benefits too – studies show that the return on investment into the program usually ranges from 2,5 to 4 times of the original amount deposited by reducing the costs that go with absenteeism, work injuries, and work quality and productivity. A research conducted in USA shows that every dollar invested into EAP represents $17 saved on costs connected with undesirable behavior.

This service is a common part of benefit package in USA as well as Western Europe (in USA, the EA is used by 90% of companies listed on FORTUNE 500), and its popularity among Czech HR experts is also on the rise. Our clients from all areas of the market appreciate not only the savings described above, but also the increased employee branding potential.

Thoughts about Employee Assistance Programs:

“Our employees, who have used this program, have confirmed that they communicated with specialists who know how to speak about a problem and can influence one´s behaviour so that he/she would not do anything forethoughtless.“

Martin Perun (Zentiva)

“We wish our employees to work in such conditions that would enable them to develop not only their vocational, expert and career growth but also better personal life. Therefore we set up Benefit Work Life Balance. And Employee Assistance Service with psychological consultancy for solving personal and work problems is a part of this programme.“

Jakub Skavroň (Telefónica O2)

“Employee Assistance Service works all year round, 24 hours a day, even during weekends and bank holidays – usually the most critical days. The advantage for employees is also the fact that the service is fully paid by their employer. If they seeked a specialist themselves they would have to pay much more and they could not be sure that they have found a really erudite and reliable specialist.“

Erika Vorlová (sanofi-aventis)

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