How to improve efficiency while working from home?

COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lifestyles. We work from home and avoid visiting public places. Thanks to technologies, we can transfer practically all tasks online. But how to be productive, when there are so many distractions around? Children, constant email notifications, urgent tasks, dinner that should be cooked by 18 p.m.? Assessment Systems team outlined 7 recommendations that will help you to work productive and to lead a harmonious lifestyle despite unusual circumstances. These are keys to improve efficiency while working from home.

Develop rituals

You have just woken up and you feel already overwhelmed with thoughts and tasks. Do not panic! Create a set of routines that will help you to be energized throughout the whole day. Schedule the start and the end of a workday, plan physical activities and breaks. A book “The Miracle Morning” contains very informative tips on how to start a day with a benefit for mental and physical health.

Create a workspace at home

Lying on sofa with a laptop is not the best idea to increase your productivity while working from home. Find a place at your home, where you can concentrate and work with pleasure. This will help you stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions. Here you can find a list of interesting and practical ideas for making a cozy home office.

Be precise with your daily goals

When you work remotely, work and home tasks turn into explosive mixture that brings you stress. Write down a list of goals and then distribute them among particular time slots. Such apps like Trello and Todoist will help you to manage your workload effectively and thus improve efficiency while working from home.

Fix time slots for concentration

There are always tasks that require your full attention. In order to cope with them, fix some time periods in your calendar and turn off all notifications and avoid distractions. For example, tomato timer will help you to focus on a task during 25 minutes and track your success.

Take breaks

The volume of various tasks and emails can easily make you forget about having lunch. Do not ignore breaks. To stay productive, plan to have 5-15 minutes pauses, get up, make some exercises to provide your brain with oxygen.

Keep in touch with your colleagues

Being isolated because of COVID-19 can bring much stress to our lives due to lack of cozy chats and usual conversations with colleagues. The possible solution of that problem could be transferring all communication online. Try having coffee
breaks and lunch together with your team via Teams, Skype or Zoom, have online pizza parties or create your own activities.

Keep emotional immunity

Nowadays we are overwhelmed by negative pieces of information about COVID-19 and the need to self-isolate. We are bombarded by social media, emails, TV, even our friends and relatives send some harsh statistics and “5 signs that you have COVID-19”. In order to stay in positive mood, practice meditation or consciousness. Stay in a calm place, concentrate on your breathing for 15 minutes and ignore all other thoughts. If you practice this simple exercise during a couple of months, the amount of stress will decrease by 2 times. Dealing with stress will help you to improve efficiency while working from home.

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