How to shift to working from home?

With the coronavirus in mind, more and more employers are deciding to allow their employees to work from home in the coming period. Even at companies where home-office has not been a possibility before, it is expected that those workplaces will introduce remote work in the days to come because of the epidemic. However, not everyone can make this change without problems.

How to switch to working from home smoothly?

1. Infrastructure

Working from home is possible in all cases where the nature of the job allows the employee to carry it out independently. However, this requires the company to provide employees with the necessary work equipment (in most cases laptops and mobile phones) and software to carry out their tasks from home. Employers have to ensure that everyone has access to the necessary resources they need for their job and no one feels left behind.

2. Routine

Create a schedule for yourself every day when you are working from home. Start work at the usual time and pick up the usual rhythm: take a shower, get dressed, and have breakfast before jumping to work tasks. Keep a calendar and make sure you do your work at the usual time as at the workplace, and deliberately end the workday.

3. Communication

Schedule regular meetings in advance and be available to your employees! Make the most of every communication channel: keep in touch with your colleagues regularly via email, chat and video calls, but don’t disturb them unnecessarily or outside office hours! Take the time to enquire about their physical and mental well-being, not everyone adjusts to working from home easily. Some people might need extra help, let them know they can rely on you!

4. Culture

When working from home, one can easily feel lost if they do not know the direction their company is heading. It is important to communicate to the employees what is going on at the organizational level, what is happening to the company, to the clients, how common goals are changing. We need to assure our employees that everything will be fine, and we have a plan.

5. Productivity

Productivity does not necessarily decrease when working from home and employee performance can even increase without the usual distractions. Obviously, problems can occur at home too, but with a good organization they can be easily overcome. The most important thing is to trust your employees! If you provide them with the necessary advice and outline their tasks in advance, there is no need to monitor their workflow, the results will speak for themselves!

+1 Flexibility

Boundaries can blur easily between work and personal life when someone is working from home, so it’s especially important to support your team! Take into consideration the situation of your colleagues and allow them flexibility in the allocation of their working hours depending on their situation. Remember the famous saying by Hemingway:

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

The current situation will affect companies in the long run, so make the most of it! More and more organizations and teams will be experimenting with working from home and will be more flexible about where and how they work. The current experience will have a profound effect on who will succeed in the future, based on their ability to adapt to the current situation and their aptitude to working from home. Remote work is our new reality, let’s welcome this change with open arms!

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