Our Company

Who are we?

Assessment Systems is the leading Human Capital advisory group in Central and Eastern Europe. We serve clients in over 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and America.
We are a multinational team of innovative trend-setters who are dedicated to help you grow by growing human capital.
We help our clients select, develop, lead, organize and retain talent across their organizations, from CEOs to blue-collar workers.
We were founded in Prague in 2001 and are driven by the satisfaction of our clients; we have grown ever since by helping our clients grow.

Why do clients come to us?

Our expertise helps you achieve lasting positive business results by improving your people-related decisions, making them more fact-based, validated and defendable.

While we are building on global knowledge, worldwide standards, and international benchmarks, we implement client solutions while fully respecting local culture, language and history.

While we make a positive contribution to your success and add value to your business starting with the first project, it is through long-term relationships that our clients achieve the greatest benefit.

Social responsibility

Since our work revolves around people, we find it meaningful to support also the less fortunate ones. Since 2009 we have been continuously helping to educate four kids from developing countries through both Wontanara and Caritas. We have helped feed 250 families, provided hygiene kits for 330 families and reroofed 7 schools in Philippines after the 2013 hurricane. We have raced from Budapest to Bamako to distribute 20,000 medical supplies and we are proud to be amongst the major donors of People in Need. Our 2015 and 2016 Christmas presents were created with the help from mentally and physically challenged folks from Prosazu and Etincelle civic associations. We won’t slow down investing into human capital on any of these fronts in the future.

What do our four values say about us?

Adding value to your business

Your most important assets are your people. We help you to select and keep the best.

Partners for your success

While we will make a positive contribution to your success from our first project forward, it is through a long term relationship that you will receive the greatest benefit.

Bright and Ready

We are smart, creative and quick witted – we are ready for action.

We make a difference

Our expertise will help lead you to lead your organization to lasting and positive results.

Close cooperation with the client and focus on their specific needs are the key principles of Assessment Systems International consultants´ work. Our approach is characterized by a high level of professionalism, flexibility, speed and high quality of the project´s execution.

Our main clients in the CEE region

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