What is 360° feedback?

360° feedback is an efficient and systematic tool for personal development. The feedback focuses on behavior at work - specific skills and competences. Based on the results, individual development plans can be created. 360 ° feedback can be used to identify and recognize strengths and weaknesses and can serve as a starting point for better work effectiveness.

Our Method

  • Besides the rated competencies we provide an opportunity for the evaluator to write down freely what the evaluee should Keep, Stop and Start doing
  • ASYSTEMS 360° gives a credible output with numerous evaluators and turns the subjective opinions to objective advices
  • We offer personalized feedback by our experienced, psychologist consultants
  • Configurable – transport and map your own competency model
  • Quick&Easy to use – online completion, user-friendly surface, evaluation and reporting
  • Multidimensional - superiors, peers, subordinates, internal/external customers and self-evaluation
  • Personalized - Written report and personal feedback session for every participant

Benefits For Your Company and Employees

  • Identify important areas for further staff improvement
  • Map the skills of your workforce and make work more efficient to reach a better competitive position
  • Increase the reputation of the evaluated person and your company

Standard Individual report

Individual report provides a recommended basic level of assessment which every participant should get. It consists of a series of statements and average scores for individual competencies (categorized into assessor groups), descriptive statistics for competencies, comparisons to the group profile and self-evaluation, etc.

Download sample report


Understanding your 360º report: