Biofeedback 2000x-pert is an innovative, modular system:

  • readings transmitted by wireless technology (Bluetooth®)
  • small, lightweight radio modules that are attached directly to the body
  • complete freedom of movement while readings are being taken
  • sensors that are highly sensitive but resistant to artefacts
  • user-friendly, easy-to-operate software

Biofeedback 2000x-pert & the Vienna Test System: they go together!

Biofeedback 2000x-pert and the Vienna Test System, the SCHUHFRIED program for psychological assessment, can be combined. While a psychological test is being administered for assessment purposes by the Vienna Test System (VTS), physiological data can be recorded and evaluated at the same time with Biofeedback 2000x-pert. This makes it possible to measure a client's physiological reactions in a test situation – for example when the client is under time pressure, is concentrating on a task or is making mistakes.

Schuhfried Biofeedback