CogniPlus is a scientifically-based software package with which cognitive abilities can be trained.

Each CogniPlus training program is tailored to a specific deficit, because studies have shown that use of over-complex training programs may actually cause performance to deteriorate. Training programs are only offered for cognitive functions that are scientifically proven to be trainable.

Clients want to apply their improved skills as quickly as possible in everyday life. In CogniPlus the ability dimensions being trained are almost always embedded in lifelike scenarios. This has been achieved through collaboration with computer game programmers, who have produced impressive three-dimensional scenes. It is this appealing, modern and motivating appearance that makes CogniPlus popular with clients.

CogniPlus is an intelligent interactive system which is neither too easy nor too difficult for the client. It reliably identifies the client's ability level and adapts automatically to it. One of the conditions for successful training is thus met:  the users of the program are motivated.