Through the Vienna Test System, SCHUHFRIED has for more than 60 years been providing high quality, scientifically based tests for use in human resources. With the Vienna Test System Human Resources (Vienna Test System HR) giving HR professionals a psychometrically valid and tested tool for use in personnel selection, staff development and career counseling. Whatever the area that needs to be investigated, it enables the necessary tests to be quickly and easily put together. In combination with other personnel selection tools such as structured interviews, work tests and references it delivers a set of information that provides a firm foundation for your decision-making.

While other assessment tools such as interviews, assessment centers or CV analysis yield information about candidates’ behavioral repertoire either now or in the past, psychological tests focus on people’s longer-lasting and more fundamental characteristics. The information obtained from psychological tests can be used not only to explain present behavior but also to uncover potential that may not yet have been realized. Potential assessment thus not only helps to distinguish between candidates who are currently suitable or unsuitable but also identifies candidates who are likely to develop quickly in the direction of the requirements profile.

The Vienna Test System HR stands for:

Numerous special ability tests

SCHUHFRIED leads the way in the development of special ability tests. For example, such tests are used in industrial occupations to assess coordination between right and left hands, sustained attention, stress tolerance and fine motor skills.

Efficient workflow

The Vienna Test System HR is a team player: you can link it to your applicant management system or your HR database. Your workflow is unaffected – it simply receives additional information from the aptitude tests.

Modern test theory and modern technology

The Vienna Test System HR is scientifically and technically at the cutting edge: for example, there are tests based on the Rasch model, and adaptive tests. As well as text and pictures, videos and animated items are used in the production of the tests