The VTS NEURO is a complete package of computer-based psychological tests that aims to assist users involved in clinical practice at all stages of the assessment and intervention design process. The VTS NEURO enables the tests needed to resolve a particular assessment issue to be quickly and easily assembled.


In accordance with the issue under investigation and your hypothesis, you can select tests yourself in the Vienna Testsystem and combine them into test batteries. In addition the Vienna Test System NEURO contains test sets compiled by experts that are tailored to a specific disorder and cover the most important dimensions relevant to the disorder.

Precise assessment

  • Computer-based neuropsychological tests guarantee the reliability of the assessment process through standardized instructions, practice phases and error-free scoring.

  • Administration of the tests on a computer enables patients’ time-critical responses to be measured with a high level of precision.

  • The test protocol provides exact details of the patient’s response behavior on an item-by-item basis. It contains structured and easily understood details of each selected answer, the exact working time and any corrections that were made to the answer.

  • Determining the type and location of a brain injury by means of imaging techniques and apparative tests provides initial indications of possible function impairments. Neuropsychological tests enable these function impairments to be assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively; the test results provide information about the extent and nature of a deficit.

Economical assessment

  • Standardized computerized instructions and practice phases reduce the time needed for test instructions.

  • By comparison with manual scoring of paper-and-pencil tests, computerized scoring saves a huge amount of time.  With the Vienna Test System NEURO all test results are compiled automatically and free of calculation errors and are available as soon as testing ends.

  • The Word reports with boilerplate texts included in the Vienna Test System NEURO make writing reports easy.

  • The user-friendly administration software makes data management efficient and straightforward.

Linking assessment, training and evaluation

The Vienna Test System NEURO is complemented by the computer-based program CogniPlus, which can be used to train cognitive functions. The neuropsychological tests and evaluation procedures in the Vienna Test System NEURO and the CogniPlus training programs are inter-coordinated. The corresponding tests and training modules address identical cognitive functions and are based on the same theoretical models.

Patient-friendly input devices

For ease of input, two special ergonomic keyboards have been developed. They make it easy for people with motor disabilities or those with little computer experience to work the tests.

Parallel versions

The Vienna Test System NEURO contains many parallel versions of tests that help to avoid practice, memory and learning effects when tests are administered for follow-up purposes.

Extensive norms

Extensive norm samples are available in the Vienna Test System NEURO. It is possible to select norm samples based on gender, education or age as well as the total norm sample.  For many tests the comparison group includes people aged over 85. The norms of all tests are revised at least every eight years.