SCHUHFRIED has been involved with traffic psychological assessment since 1959 and has from the first been the market leader in this field. Through sound research work SCHUHFRIED sets new standards, driving forward the development of traffic psychology and thus contributing to traffic safety and the maintenance of mobility.

The Vienna Test System TRAFFIC provides the assessor with a fair, objective and valid instrument for ascertaining fitness to drive.

Draw on the know-how of research and practice:

1. High quality standards

Continuous test maintenance and regular updating of norms to ensure that every test retains its top quality are a matter of course for the research and development team at SCHUHFRIED. The tests comply with DIN 33430, the ITC guidelines and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the American Educational Research Association. The Vienna Test System also meets the requirements of the German Medical Products Act, and the company has ISO 9001 certification.

2. Wide range of special ability tests

The unique interplay of the three pillars of psychology, hardware and software enables SCHUHFRIED to offer a wide range of special ability tests that use specially developed input media and peripheral devices.

3. Save time through efficiency and accuracy

Time is money. Computerised scoring of psychological tests is far quicker than the manual scoring of paper-and-pencil tests, and the results are immediately available at the end of the test session - automatic and entirely accurate.

4. Very user-friendly

The user interface of the Vienna Test System utilises convenient and intuitively arranged index cards, making it easy to navigate and to switch between the different functions. User-friendliness, an adaptable main screen and ease of use were top priorities in development of the Vienna Test System.

5. Package solutions for greater convenience

The modular design of the Vienna Test System gives it great individuality and flexibility. Tests and accessories can be assembled to suit your needs. If you prefer the convenience of a bundled package, the "expert systems" provide an attractively priced alternative to the purchase of modular components. The exclusive additional features are a major additional bonus of these package solutions; they include, for example, a final overall assessment of the client that takes account of all the tests.

6. Good value for money

The right price model is available for every situation.  Choose between time-based licenses, a specified number of test presentations with no time limit or retrospective billing on the basis of the actual number of tests administered – whatever your requirements, the Vienna Test System has the perfect pricing model. Value for money is thus always guaranteed.

7. Large selection of tests, many language options

The Vienna Test System offers more than 120 trustworthy and reliable tests – including ability tests, objective personality tests and adaptive and multimedia tests. And they come in up to 27 languages!