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Well-being at the Hybrid Office

Managers acted quickly to create a supportive environment that is good for mental health at the onset of the pandemic, even when navigating the complexities of an entirely remote workforce for the first time. Employers are once again faced with the question of how to provide for the mental health and welfare of their employees […]

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Year-End Burnout: Signs and Solutions

In most of our lives, the busiest month of the year is December. Many people realize at this point that the last rockets need to be ignited because they only have a month to reach their 2020 targets. Meanwhile, it’s a similarly busy time period in our private lives, where we have to prepare for […]

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How to solve problem


Conflicts between colleagues can be one of the strongest sources of stress we can encounter in the workplace. In order to be able to reduce the undesirable effects of conflicts on not only work performance but also job satisfaction itself, it is necessary to understand their internal nature and realize that conflict does not always […]

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Are We Endangered by the Stress Epidemic?

All of us can feel that our society is becoming strongly focused on performance and achievements. We are required to be more competitive and able to withstand everyday challenges not only in our work life, but also in our personal lives. As one of the results, stress has become the symptom of our times and […]

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