Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance

Confidential Consultancy Service for your employees


Everybody sometimes comes across personal problems which he/ she cannot solve easily and quickly on his/her own. However, troubles in personal life influence man negatively at work by a drop in performance and motivation, are also common cause of a negative atmosphere and a conflict on a workplace. It has been proved that dissatisfaction of employees in their personal lives influences significantly not only their work performance but also a number of absences and the overall rate of turnover. Employee Assistance Program is a well-proven tool which help employees effectively to overcome their problems in personal life. It works on the basis of a confidential consultant service which is provided to employees by qualified professionals – psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and financial consultants.

Employee Assistance Program brings to employers a reduction of costs and a raise of work productivity and the whole company.

Psychological consultancy

Experienced psychologists and psychotherapists are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help employees to solve their problems in different parts of their personal lives. The most common problems deal with a partners relationships, children upbringing, drug taking, alcohol abuse, disease in family, mental problems connected with significant changes in a life.

Legal and Financial consultancy

In many difficult life situations is the most effective help a quick consultancy with a lawyer or a financial consultant. Whether people have questions concerning dividing properties, child care during divorce, loans they are not able to pay off or many others a team of lawyers and financial consultants of Employee Assistance Service is ready to help them quickly and skilfully.


It can be used by every employee that is in the program. First contact usually takes place when an employee contacts Employee Assistance consultant either by phone or via e-mail. The goal of this introductory part is to establish a contact, identify a problem and a quick „remote“ intervention. After that can follow one or several personal meetings focused on a deeper analysis and an optimal solving of the problem. In some cases providing a relevant information or a mediation of a specialized help may be an effective way of help.

Employee Assistance Service is offered on the basis of an agreement between the employer and Assessment Systems. The Service may be addressed to all employees or only to selected groups. The program is paid by an employer in flat-sums depending on a number of employees involved within the program. For employees themselves is usage of the Employee Assistance Service free of charge.


Employee Assistance Program is always designed individually to suit the needs and requirements of a concrete company. Standard range of provided services is:

  • Telephone Consultant Service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • E-mail contacts and a Consultant Service (with a guaranteed time for a reply)
  • Individual Personal Consultancy (5hrs a year with a psychologist / 1 hour a year with a lawyer / 1 hour a year with a financial consultant)
  • Protected access to the specialized web sites containing up-to-date sources of information to help solving the most common problems
  • Mediation of consultancies and services of external specialists
  • Topical workshops for employees

No information is provided to employer that would lead to an identification of a concrete employee that used the Employee Assistance Service.

An employer is given twice a year a statistical overview of using Employee Assistance Service in their company. It’s important part is also a preventive recommendation which is based on an analysis of the most frequently solved topics.

Guarantee of Professionalism

Employee Assistance Service is provided by highly skilled consultants with psychological education and practice in the field of psychological consultancy, psychotherapy and a crisis intervention, by experienced lawyers and free-lance financial consultants.

Principle of a Confidentiality

Functioning and an efficiency of Employee Assistance Program is based to substantial level on a principle of a confidentiality. To every employee that uses the Service of the Employee Assistance Program we guarantee that no information whatsoever will be communicated to his/her employer. Employers are in regular intervals provided only statistical overview data about the usage of the service in the whole company. Possibility of an identification of a specific employees is ruled out.

Employee Assistance Program from the View of an Employer

Personal problems of employees nearly always overgrow to work area. Their solving in the frame of Employee Assistance Services leads to a reduction of costs on the side of the employer and to a proved raise of a work productivity and to the raise performance of the whole company.

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