Hogan Certification

Hogan Certification


Teaches participants to use three Hogan inventories

1. HOGAN PERSONALITY INVENTORY (HPI) evaluates personality characteristics that people need to get along and get ahead (i.e., job fit).

2. HOGAN DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (HDS) identifies factors that impede career success (i.e., management fit).

3. MOTIVES, VALUES, PREFERENCES INVENTORY (MVPI) which assesses business drivers and core values for individual fit within a corporate culture (i.e., organizational fit).

Includes many valuable benefits for each participant


A free personal assessment and one-hour feedback session with a Hogan coach.


Free login for all three assessments online (HPI, HDS, and MVPI) and receive reports via e-mail.


A paperback copy of The Hogan Guide.


A personal supervision of Hogan results interpretation with Hogan supervisor.


Two days of certification by certified consultants who have multiple years of assessment administration and interpretation experience.

Enhances each participant’s interpretive skills


Participants will conduct detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results.


Participants will learn best practices concerning assessment use and interpretation.


Successful demonstration of data interpretation and feedback proficiency will lead to documented certification on the Hogan inventories.

This certification will be granted to the participant following 3 successful feedbacks as evaluated by a certified Assessment Systems consultant.


Successful participants will be given the opportunity to expand their consulting services with the knowledge of the Hogan inventories and reports obtained during the training . They can use this opportunity for training, coaching, and organizational and group development, whether as an internal or an external consultant.

Upcoming Certification trainings | in English

Belgrade, Serbia – May 17-19th

Budapest, Hungary – August 7-9th

Moscow, Russia – August, 23-24th

For more information about the Certification training please contact us at info@asystems.as

Hogan Certification

The training includes completion of all three personality tests, personal feedback, guide and catering for three days.
For ICF member coaches we offer -15% discount, together with 13 hours of ICF credits.

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