The SCHUHFRIED Company was founded in 1947 and has more than 60 years’ experience in computer-based psychological assessment.

Each year SCHUHFRIED’s Vienna Test System is used to conduct more than 12.5 million test sessions. 1,250 systems in private companies and recruitment agencies, 1,350 systems in traffic examination center, 2,600 clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation center and 530 universities


Vienna Testing
VTS ensures the highest possible level of objectivity and precision, including aspects that cannot be measured by traditional paper-and-pencil tests. The scoring of the more than 100 test results is fast and accurate.

Traffic psychology (Road & aviation)
Since 1959 Schuhfried has been involved with issues of traffic psychology. The tests of the Vienna Test System are used to assess fitness to drive and willingness to adapt to traffic conditions.

Psychological tests offered by Schuhfried help to sort out the true performer. They provide valuable information about candidates’ personality and skills.

CogniPlus is a scientifically-based software package with which cognitive abilities can be trained.

Tests for assessing intelligence structure, interest and achievement motivation tests are used in educational psychological assessment.

The Vienna Test System covers all key areas of clinical neuropsychological assessment, i.e. attention, memory and executive functions.

BIOFEEDBACK 2000 x-pert
Biofeedback 2000 x-pert, from the Vienna Test System stable, is a modular and flexible biofeedback system making use of lightweight radio modules and wireless technology.

The system consists of:

Biofeedback base software: The administration module of Biofeedback 2000, containing numerous functions. A wide range of treatments can be carried out using the basic module alone: additional special training programs can be added to the system as required.

Special training programs: Specific training programs, including respiration, relaxation, confrontation training, neuromuscular rehabilitation, EMG, EEG, bloodflow and others.

Radio modules & sensors: The radio modules are portable and ergonomic, contributing to comfort and convenience and thus the success of training. The modules are attached to the body close to the point from which the recording is made, so only very short sensor cables are needed. The recorded signals are transmitted via Bluetooth®, and up to seven radio modules can be used simultaneously with one computer.

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