Transforming Assessments – Europe ATP 2018

In light of constant changes in politics, technology and society the assessment industry must put effort into discovering, and rediscovering, new and creative solutions to lead the field. Assessment Systems is pleased to be a part of this effort by participating in this year’s Europe ATP conference Transforming Assessments, which will take place between the 26th and 28th of September in Athens, Greece.

The conference goal is to explore ways of keeping up with the innovations emerging in the industry, revisit the core principles of assessment and lead the transformation and development of the field. During the three days, there will be several panel discussion on cutting-edge topics featuring distinguished industry keynote speakers, informative sessions and product demonstrations of leading testing and assessment tools, technologies and services. Some of the conference main topics include: Emerging Technologies: Gamification, Wearables, and Neuro Assessments; Test Security and Integrity; and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing.

The CEO of Assessment Systems International, Frank Meywerk, will be participating in a panel discussion titled Mythbusters – Fact or Fake News, which will focus on the challenges and dilemmas in the assessment industry that arise from the possibilities of recent technologies and the importance of reviewing new trends in recruitment methods while keeping in mind the fundamentals of sound assessment. The panelists will discuss recent research and stories in the media (e.g., Cambridge Analytica) on several topics that are often mentioned in the public, but might be consider fabrications by the testing industry. After the panelists provide additional commentary and debate the veracity of each claim, the audience will be able to ask questions and vote on each topic as fact or fiction.

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