WEBINAR: People solutions for AGILE challenges

Agile transformation can help modern organizations to quickly reorient themselves toward valuable market opportunities and achieve superior performance. Organizations face agile challenges on the way forward their transition process and even after to keep the model working.
The workforce of an agile organization or department is a relatively flat network of cross-functional, flexible teams empowered to direct their own activities and make day-to-day decisions. This may mean fundamental culture or mindset change, which could not be achieved without the right people on every level of the organization.


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What to expect in our free “People solutions for your AGILE challenges” webinar?

Why organizations and teams are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for people and the future of work?
Understand our interdependent two factor model for Agile organizations
Why is the best agile strategy a people driven one?
How can we help you in your agile transformation?
How can we help you making your agile organization successful?
Learn how we helped organizations in their Agile transformation through practical examples
Open Q&A discussion

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