Well-being in 2021: From Survive to Thrive

The year 2020 was nothing more than a plethora of challenges and many companies were fighting for survival. In our article, we would like to talk about the challenges of the previous year and the new direction towards well-being, so that 2021 is all about prosperity. Finally, we summarize our solution proposals that we would like to provide as support to prepare for this year’s challenges.

Individual challenges

Let us look back at last year’s challenges last year, which put everyone to the test at both the individual and corporate levels.

At individual levels, we were full of worries and fears about the epidemic, which were only exacerbated by the limited operation of health services. We were afraid of catching the virus and we also feared our loved ones would get the disease. We had to adapt to several new rules on social levels, both outside on the streets and inside our apartments.

Social isolation was a serious spiritual challenge, there were fewer areas to replenish, and it became more difficult to cope with the problems. It was hard to start working remotely, thus finding the working corner in the apartment and being locked up 0-24 with those we had only seen in the evening so far. The specificity of this cannot be better illustrated by the fact that the number of divorce claims at Co-op Legal Services has increased by more than 40 percent for the UK compared to the same period in 2019. Couples cite closure and financial difficulties as possible causes. Unsurprisingly, in addition to spiritual factors, economically everyone was worn out by the changed situation, salaries were cut back, people were laid off or on unpaid leave for an unforeseeable time.

Corporate survival

At a company level, too, we have all experienced that managing change has become the primary focus of attention, resulting in:

  • New processes had to be developed, almost everything had to be digitized, introduce home office culture
  • Develop a new strategy – completely different from your original 2020 plan
  • Cost cuts – juggle financial steps
  • Make sacrifices, for example in the form of redundancies

In short, last year was nothing more than survival. In many workplaces, the year 2020 was chaos and firefighting. The physical and mental well-being of employees in 2020 also affected the survival of companies. Nothing could have drawn more attention to the importance of this.

The close relationship between work, life, and privacy has begun to employ companies to organize the work of their employees to be a part of well-being. This will enable the company and its employees to move forward. It is time to learn from last year’s challenges and experiences and focus on employee well-being.

“Work-life, health, safety, and well-being have become inseparable.”
Jen Fisher,
Head of Deloitte UD Chief Well-Being

Work-life balance has become a faded concept, management no longer has that level of control over employees. Instead, the goal is to ensure the well-being of the remaining colleagues as HR and leaders, as well-being solutions will become even more important in 2021. The well-being of our people is the well-being of our organization.

Solutions for well-being

What we, as HR consultants, can help with well-being is to jointly plan the process and provide concrete solutions:

1. Assess current levels of well-being quickly with useful data

  • Opinion surveys (such as Arnold): motivation, satisfaction, mental well-being

2. Educate employees about current and important topics

3. Individual and group development, both for soft and hard skills

4. Specific welfare service

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our personalized solutions and let us help you plan your well-being process together. 

Andrea Órás – Consultant at Assessment Systems Hungary

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