Why You cannot neglect Generation Y?

BECAUSE YOU HAVE almost 20% chance of meeting one in the streets. Which also means every 5th person in CEE region belongs to this group. So this is surely a valid reason to know them better; especially when you are one of them. Core values are the main drivers of a person and therefore they give the essence of individual behavior. Recently Assessment Systems conducted a survey in order to find out if our presumptions were correct or not: do Generation Y people really differ from the previous generations? For this we used a high quality measurement tool to assess the main motivators and personality factors of this much talked-about group of people.

“Members of Generation Y can perform outstandingly in business – if we know and consider their specialties and create a suitable working environment for them.”

The results were quite similar to a former US study, and were not extremely surprising, although some interesting conclusions could be drawn. Generation Y people are very driven and interested in advancement, although status and continuous achievement are not the main things they get out of bed for. However, being visible, recognized and somewhat famous, and participating in projects that have spectacular result is quite motivating for them. And they don’t like when they don’t get the acknowledgment they think they deserve.

When it comes to success, what really counts is teamwork and team goals. Generation Y finds it a lot more important to belong to a group than older generations. They like to do things together and to maintain their corporate relationship even outside the workplace. With the high level of need for recognition they might seem selfish, but this is absolutely not the case. Regarding their behavior they are also very sociable, outgoing and talkative. This can also mean that they sometimes confuse activity with productivity – they might think that something was done just by talking about it. That is why they like meetings so much; they can do their favorite activity together: talking, which can also be associated with individual recognition.

Although they are often seen as friendly and approachable, Generation Y is not as kind and caring as they might seem at first sight. Task orientation is what could define them the best. They rarely find it hard to express their opinion bluntly, even when they might risk hurting others. Besides valuing staying up-to-date and informed about professional topics, Generation Y also has the work hard – play hard attitude. Having fun and being surrounded by fun people is often important for them. Therefore an ideal workplace for a person of this age group is flexible, youthful and exciting. All in all, Generation Y can provide a huge added value to the life of nowadays’ companies. With their ambitious approach and high level of professionalism they are the workforce of the future.

“The ideal Generation Y workplace is all about inspiration and social ideas in a colorful and exciting environment, where everyone can work in flexible timeframes.”

Despite the high qualities of an average Generation Y person, it does not mean that they have everything what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. According to the professional experience of Assessment Systems, we say that usually four things count when we are speaking of business acumen

First of all, one should have a high level of ambition in order to be achievement-oriented, see possibilities instead of obstacles, and to have a positive approach towards challenges. They should not be satisfied with the status quo – a business person should always seek new challenges and opportunities.

Indisputably they should also be strategically oriented in order to plan in advance, and to be able to predict the future outcomes of certain decisions.

Speaking of business, this also means constant analysis of the market, being aware of changes, which requires an inner need for staying informed and learning new things if necessary.

Last but not least, for a high level of business acumen one should have an overall interest in earning money and maximizing profit, which also means being interested in business topics and dealing with money itself. Generally, this is what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

We can conclude that, while Generation Y has some amazing qualities for the 21st century workforce, they  could also benefit greatly from learning how to see the bigger picture and take care of the business bottom line from their older counterparts. On the other hand, their more experienced colleagues should seek to provide them with the flexibility and opportunities for interaction that will enable them to thrive.

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