Will online selection become the new normal?

It is becoming quite needless to say that the current pandemic has made it necessary for the business community to quickly uproot and move to online platforms, and the world of HR is no different. Selection is the field of HR that is quickly evolving according to the ever-changing needs of the market and current state of society. In fact, online selection tools have emerged even before as an unavoidable answer for the market needs and will stay with us in the future. Online selection will be the new normal, due to its numerous advantages for business, like cost savings, generation change and improving quality. In this article we will discuss the main trends in online recruitment for graduate, experienced and even top positions.

AI and gamification in online selection

What makes positive candidate experience online?

If companies knew, which factors in selection process are the most crucial for candidates, the hiring efficiency would boost dramatically. Surprisingly, scholars have already found these predictors, based on the sample of more than 100.000 people. The most pertinent factors for the candidates turned out to be characteristics of the recruitment process and behaviour of recruiters and hiring managers (Uggerslev et al., 2012).

Did you know that almost 75% of newcomers are not the right fit for their new job and organizational culture, and they quit after only 6 months (source)? More importantly, each selection mistake costs the company around $15,000 in general.

But there is also some good news! Nowadays, the link between HR, science and technology is becoming stronger and stronger. State-of-the-art online selection technologies based on AI allow us to decrease time-to-hire and boost the quality of candidates due to data-driven approach. Sophisticated algorithms help to match external candidates to specific positions in a company, based on benchmarks and customized profiles. Such automated online selection tools enable us to enlarge the volume of candidates and, simultaneously, to make the selection process faster. Interestingly, some tools are based on gamification technologies, which create a positive candidate experience. Using such tools can do wonders for creating a positive employer brand, which will easily stand out among the competitors (source). Assessment Systems developed a complex solution that combines the advantages of psychometric and IT technologies in the form of online assessment centers. This online selection methodology includes practical simulations meant to assess the required competencies in a setting that is dynamic and as close to real life business as possible. Gamification has been introduced into assessment centers through an online multi-purpose business simulation. It is highly customizable to the required competencies and allows us to observe the candidate’s skills as they act in a flow state in life-like situations, boosting their engagement and involvement. A unique candidate experience is created, with all the elements of a precise and objective assessment to ensure you are making the best decision, when selecting people for any position or organizational level.

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Validity and predictivity

According to CIPD, classic selection tools such as ability tests and structured interviews have a 50-60% predictive validity rate. This means that these methods may give certain results in the field of abilities, skills and knowledge, but in 40%-50% cases a candidate may not show these characteristics in the future. So the main challenge of each selection process could be whether a candidate would demonstrate those behavior at work as well, as he or she did during the selection process? And how to differentiate between real behavior and self-presentation? For online selection that could be quite a difficult task, especially for managerial positions. But the key to its solution lies in decades of research on psychometrics. Robert Hogan and his team created a method that assesses personnel reputation and behavior with the help of a test in the form of an anonymous survey without any self-assessment that is usually present in a vast majority of personality inventories.

As a result, a company gets the report on personal qualities of a candidate, his or her derailers and values. And the whole process happens online. And the predictive validity of Hogan tests strives to that of assessment centers, which is the highest among all selection methods.


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