Discover the power of your talents’ potential

Future talent program

You know that talents are the key people in your organization who contribute most to its success. You need a well-designed talent program to ignite the power of these individuals and put their potential to work.


Your talent challenges to solve

You will benefit from our Future Talent Program if your organization:

  • understands the need for future leadership and ready to actively drive into the future and not be driven by circumstances
  • is during cultural transformation and you want to ensure your future leaders are corresponding with desired new cultural standards
  • foresees upcoming generational rotation, driven by technology or market change
  • wants to discover and utilize the full potential of its talents
  • wants to retain its key people – top performers and high-potentials
  • wants to assign and allocate talents to the right role

How we help you

Our concept is an internationally proven process that creates direct link to strategic needs of your company by developing diverse talents towards future capability needs. It translates strategy into people providing a long term valid view on your talents.

The program has been built modularly to ensure the best fit to your specific organizational needs. The methodology is grounded on our best talent and leadership development practices and knowledge developed through decades.

Put your talents’s potential to work!
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5A future talent model

1 Architect

Creating a concept that directly links talents to strategy

2 Assess

Objective view on your talents compared to international benchmarks

3 Activate

Development is planned with the involvement of the key stakeholders

4 Accelerate

Multi-dimensional talent growth process, focused on areas of development

5 Assure

Evaluation of the results along with the strategic objectives. Helps bring talent to value

Why assesment systems?

  • We implement international quality standards
  • We utilize a panel of international experts
  • We have a glocal approach
  • We align business and talent goals
  • We identify critical roles
  • We search for critical skills
  • We put heavier emphasis on development
  • We develop global talents
  • We know what makes a good leader
  • We have 20 years of talent experience