Our Tools and Services

Our success is based on using valid and modern tools and services combined into real solutions serving effective selection, personal-, team- and organizational development.


Our Tools & Services


We use the powerful science of personality assessments of Hogan Assessment Systems to help you hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line.

Cognitive Tests

We recommend using cognitive tests to assess the candidate’s general intellectual abilities. They are one of the best indicators when selecting employees.


SCHUHFRIED We are honored to be an exclusive distributor of the Austrian company SCHUHFRIED in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and…

Assessment Center and Development Center

Gain more insight by revealing true competencies and potential.

Asystems 360° feedback

What is Asystems 360° feedback? 360° feedback is an efficient and systematic tool for personal development. The feedback focuses on…

Workforce Analytics

You know that talents are the key people in your organization who contribute most to its success.

Employee Assistance

You know that talents are the key people in your organization who contribute most to its success.

Training and Development

In a world where business must be reinvented permanently and job roles are changing rapidly, soft skills and leadership skills will be one of the few constants. We help you develop your people and leaders to succeed even in the unpredictable future.


Coaching What is individual coaching? Coaching is a powerful method of individual development and professional growth aiming at detecting someone’s…

Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling What is a competency model? A competency model is a structured and comprehensive list of competences – qualifications…

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys What is a safisfaction survey? The satisfaction survey can help you understand the web of social relationships in…

Behavioral Interview

How does BEI work? The interviewer, either a member or HR staff or a manager, asks open-ended questions and maps…

Assessment Systems can help your employees reach their maximum potential!
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Certification Workshop

The workshop enables the participants to interpret results of Hogan assessments in selection and development projects, and can learn how personality predicts performance

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Behavioural Event Interview Case Study

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) Training provides an effective and reliable technique for those involved in the selection process. The methodology is highly suitable for predicting job performance of candidates and mapping their competencies.

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