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360° AS8 Essential

AS8 Essential is the next step in the evolution of the 360° competency model.

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Leadership Academy

Put Your Leadership to Work

Discover How to Strenghten Your Leadership Skills

Leadership Academy


Certification Workshop

The workshop enables the participants to interpret the results of the Hogan assessments in selection and development projects, and can teach how personality predicts performance

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Employee life cycle

We are your partner in every phase of the employee life cycle. Our innovative products and services are designed to support your HR needs from recruitment to offboarding.

Explore your employee life cycle and see how we can assist you at different stages of the HR process. Together, we can create a dynamic and productive work environment that promotes the growth and satisfaction of your employees.

Development & Promotion
Talent Management
Well-being & Motivation
Offboarding & Outplacement


Are you looking for a new and colleague to join your team and need to make sure he/she has the right skills to do the job well and be compatible with your existing team?


Would you like to know if your new colleagues are adjusting to their new roles? Do they need anything? What changes would they suggest implementing in their adaptation process?

Development & Promotion

Do you need to know the potential existing employees have and how to develop it further? Are you planning an internal promotion, but are not sure if the employees will be successful in their new positions?

Do you want to prevent employees from leaving due to personal or professional difficulties?

Are you expecting organisational changes and would like to offer support to employees in their search for a new job?

How We Can Help You:

  • Process Optimization: Our tools and systems automate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions.
  • Increase Efficiency: Save time and resources with our solutions, positively impacting your organization’s overall efficiency.
  • Boost Engagement: Create an environment that fosters employee engagement and loyalty with our products.
  • Reduce Turnover: Identify and address issues that may lead to employee turnover, helping you maintain a stable workforce.

Inspiration of the Month

Very inspirational interview with Ryne Sherman – Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessment

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