Discover a value of the right competencies measured

Competency Architect

You know it is not easy to measure competencies that create a business value. However, with a right competency architecture, you can make sure that you quantify the skills and behavior that matter for your organization.


Your challenges when designing competencies

You will benefit from our Competency Architect if your organization:

  • has implemented or updated its Human Resources (HR) technology
  • is planning to make substantial changes to the organizational structure to support business needs
  • is redesigning its compensation and performance evaluation systems
  • wants assessment methods to serve as a differentiator
  • wants a standardized guide to roles, behavior and competencies that are needed to succeed in a position
  • wants to clearly define and measure success in positions at every level
  • wants to benefit from validity of globally accepted measurement tools

How we help you

Our concept is an internationally proven process based on our long-term discoveries and paradigms. We help you link positions to competencies your people need, so you can match a right talent with right roles and reveal a real value of their contribution to the bottom-line.

We help you measure and standardize your sources of success at all levels, enpowering you to ground selection, development and succession planning decisions.

Reveal competencies what drives business value at all level and put it to work!
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Competency architect modules

1 Discover

Identify competencies for success in positions that drive results (workshops, interviews)

2 Architect

Define a system of competencies for a particular role, department or organization

3 Activate

Implement evaluation processes (assessments, BEI) for jobs and job families

4 Assess

5 Validate

Fine-tune competency profiles aligned to business value

Why Assesment Systems?

  • We implement international quality standards
  • We utilize a panel of international competency experts
  • We have a global approach
  • We identify sources of success and link them with the competencies
  • We know what makes a good competency system
  • We measure your brand competencies
  • We have 20 years of competency experience 
  • We standardize position success criteria in your organization