Discover the power of people analytics in transforming HR

People Analytics

You know that making people-related decisions is extremely difficult. You need people analytics to uncover important connections and patterns in HR data that lead to better workforce decisions.


Your people analytics challenges

Our model changes how selection is conducted, how performance is measured, how compensation is planned or growth is mapped, and how learning and retention can be managed better. We gather data, create models and compute with statistical modelling on large scale samples in order to discover trends and reasons via numbers and facts.

How we help you

Our concept is an internationally proven process that creates a direct link to strategic needs of your company by developing diverse talents towards future capability needs. It translates strategy into people providing a long term valid view on your talents.

The program has been built modularly to ensure the best fit to your specific organizational needs. The methodology is based on our best talent and leadership development practice and knowledge developed through decades.

Make HR transformation to work by means of People Analytics!
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Our predictive people analytics based on paradigms to provide actionable recommendations enabling strategic planning and execution processes through the application of statistics and other data interpretation techniques.

How People Analytics transforms HR

Transforming what HR is and does

Transforming HR business interactions

Transforming the quality of insights

People analytics modules

Link selection to business

Identify which candidate attributes are proven to produce quality hires, and focus on criteria that drive business

Align skills to business

People analytics is a key to discover what skills, roles and competencies your organization needs

Enhance performance

Detect main drivers of top performance and build them into your talent management processes

Tackle turnover problems

Identify employees at risk of parting, and prevent top talent from leaving

Why Assesment Systems?

  • We implement international quality standards
  • We utilize international data experts
  • We use international industry benchmarks
  • We utilize 3D models for performance
  • We use predictive analytics based on paradigms, not AI
  • We discover top performance criteria
  • We have 20 years of experience identifying the sources of success