Discover the state of human potential of your organization

Personnel Audit

You know that organizational transformation is hard. But its success always depends on the objective overview you have on the current state of the company’s human potential obtained from the personnel audit.


Your challenges when you need a personnel audit

You will value our Personnel Audit if your organization:

  • needs to restructure or transform
  • needs to lead a successful M&A process
  • needs external resources to provide an objective evaluation of human potential
  • needs to identify the key people and their strength and weaknesses
  • wants to align strategy to human capabilities for the future
  • wants to hold a transparent, objective overview of its employees from third party

How we help you

Our Personnel Audit methodology highlights the risks and opportunities, the management or the employees have and will influence corporate performance in the future. It gives an independent, transparent and professional overview of your employees’ competencies and potential in relation with the company’s strategy.

Personnel audit modules

Strategic Alignment

Identifying the sources of success (individuals or teams)

Critical skillset discoveries

Identification of the critical skills for success


Assessing the previously identified people along with the success criteria

Analysis of the outcomes

Comprehensive analysis of the results in the light of the future strategy and vision

Audit study

Definition of the final outcome of the audit from a bi-dimensional perspective (individual and organizational)

Why Assesment Systems?

  • We implement international quality standards
  • We deploy a group of international experts
  • We provide precise planning of development paths
  • We help you find the sources of success
  • We help you with relevant conclusions and future-oriented results
  • We work in the alloy of psychology and economy 
  • We compare results to industry benchmarks
We empower you with an objective perspective of your organization’s human potential!
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