Discover underlying employee mind-sets that shape personal-safety behavior

Safety Program

You indeed know that employee safety is important for your organization. However, you need to realize the importance of influential human factors – the underlying reasons why someone makes a mistake.


Your employee safety challenges in focus

You will benefit from our Safety Program if your organization:

  • faces increasing number of accidents
  • works in safety problematic industries (e.g. energy, manufacturing, transportation, construction, machinery)
  • believes that accidents could be avoided if pre-filtering risky behavior is in place 
  • wants to prevent workplace injuries and accidents and save production days and costs related to human errors 
  • you are a safety-aware organization that perceives safe working environment as a priority
  • realizes a role of human factors in employee safety
  • wants to put more emphasis on personal-safety behavior next to tools and processes

Our approach

Organizations attempting to shape safety culture put too much emphasis on tools and processes and at the same time pay insufficient attention to underlying employee mind-sets that shape personal-safety behavior and interactions. Do not underestimate a value that personality adds!

Rules (Regulations, Instructions, Plans, Tools to Use)

Trainings (Education, Simulation, Examples)

Competencies (Following rules, Vigilance, Carefulness, Stress, Calmness, Learning)

Knowing individual factors of safety at work, the effect of rules, tools and trainings will increase!

Place human factor to the center of employee safety, make your safety culture work!
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Employee safety program modules

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Assessment
  3. Allocation
  4. Safety mini-coach academy
  5. Fine-tuning

Why Assesment Systems?

  • We implement international quality standards
  • We utilize a panel of international experts
  • We help decrease a number of workplace injuries and accidents 
  • We help save production days and costs related to human errors 
  • We search for critical behavior
  • We add individual factors (personality) to establish safety at workplace 
  • We add a new dimension in measuring safety from employee selection 
  • We add individual safety awareness to your safety culture