Participants’ Guide

What is an Assessment Center?

Assessment Center (AC) is a highly reliable method that ensures companies select the most suitable candidate for a position.
But… What does “most suitable” mean?
Companies want to find the best fit between the candidate’s potential and the role s/he is applying for. In other words, the company wants to be happy with the new hire on their side, but they also want to see their new colleague happy in their organization and satisfied with her/his new position.

What can you expect?

Assessment Center usually consists of several tasks, such as group tasks (in case you are participating in a group AC), individual tasks, case studies, written tasks or psychodiagnostic tools. Every participant applying for the same position as you will complete the same tasks to ensure the objectivity of the assessment.

Best tips and tricks for Assessment Centers?

Be YOUSELF. This is the most important advice we can give you because everything will go well if you just behave as you usually do. Only then will the company have an accurate idea about your potential.

Invest in your WELLBEING before the assessment center. Try to have a good night’s rest and eat something healthy to avoid any discomfort during the day. Do not hesitate to take your preferred snack with you, as your brain is fueled by sugar.

Try to dress COMFORTABLY. You will most probably participate in a program that takes a few hours, therefore we suggest wearing something from your closet that looks professional and that, at the same time, will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Arrive ON TIME. Make sure you have the whole address in your navigation to avoid any mistakes.

Be HONEST. As stated before, the company wants to invest money in people that represent a fit between their potential and job vacancy. Therefore, if you do not want to be hired for a position you will not be good at, try to answer questions honestly and – here comes the most important advice of all again – be YOURSELF.