What is individual coaching?

Coaching is a powerful method of individual development and professional growth aiming at detecting someone’s full potential, learning new skills that could increase performance, work efficiency and personal satisfaction.

How does our methodology work?

Coaching is a contract between a coach and a coachee. They agree that the coachee will develop certain skills that are essential for a better performance in a job. The coach helps him/her in this endevour by providing feedback, fostering alternatives and challenging skills.

How will our coaches help you and your organisation?

  • You will learn or develop new skills
  • You will feel better and more efficient in your job
  • You will acquire a better self-awareness and understanding

How can Assessment Systems help you?

We typically follow the Hungarian DIADAL model, which is a structured method from diagnosis to closing. We also promote a zeroth meeting between a coachee and our coaches in order to guarantee that the chemistry will work between the involved parties. The process starts and ends with written reports.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is oriented towards the development of a team as a whole, the group is coached by participating in coaching sessions together. The emphasis is on an improvement of common functioning.

How will that help you and your company?

  • Your team will be more efficient: better preparation, more energy, more focus on strategic decision making and monitoring results
  • Better project and resources management
  • Develop an ability to create strategies for reaching objectives
  • Your team will get rid of harmful conflicts
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