Competency Modeling

What is a competency model?

A competency model is a structured and comprehensive list of competences – qualifications for the performance of activities related to a specific position in the company.

How does the competency modeling work?

We typically start reviewing job descriptions in order to clarify needs and goals of a job. The analysis is followed by structured interviews after which a group of professionals synthethizes data and formulates necessary competencies. We are careful to avoid overlapping or redundant competencies.

How will the competency model help your organisation and employees?

  • You will receive a structured source of demands and needs for every job
  • You can use it in selection and/or development where clear guidance is needed in order to reach the best performing workforce
  • Your organisation will speak the „same language” across all people related situations
  • You can make reliable HR decisions more rapidly
  • You will simplify and structure performance appraisals
  • Your employees and leaders will have a better understanding about your expectations and the key characteristics and skills needed for their jobs

How does Asystems help you use competency modeling?

Making a whole model is a process that needs considerable time, so we suggest that it be integrated with other necessary tasks which also need a large amount of information and interviews. Some tools could be job descriptions, business process reengineering, satisfaction surveys or the clarification of technical competencies across jobs. It is a strategic decision to make such a model and it promotes HR to be a source of ROI and of the company success.

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