A world-class provider of personality diagnostics.

Hogan Assessments

There are two keys to success in business: money and people. HOGAN provide an unbiased and scientific basis for making informed decisions about people – easier, faster and fairer.

World-class provider of personality assessments

Hire the right people

Develop talented employees

Build great leaders

Influence the bottom line

This is done through 3 assessments

About Our Workshops

Want to ramp up your organization’s talent acquisition and development strategies? Attend one of our world-class certification workshops, available online or in a city near you. In the process, you’ll learn more about personality (and have fun too!).

Behind the story of Hogan Assesments

Hogan is an international authority on personality assessment and organizational consulting. For more than 30 years, he has helped companies dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent and assessing leadership potential.

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Online assessments conducted worldwide
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Hogan application in Management Life Cycle

Talent Acquisition
Feedback & Development
High Potential & Succession Planning
Team Effectiveness
Executive Coaching

Talent Acquisition

Our unbiased personality assessments predict performance, allowing you to select the ideal candidate for any job -Choose the best people for the right job.

Feedback & Development

Provide insights and focused plans for development and leadership effectiveness.

High Potential & Succession Planning

Identify and manage high potentials to determine who can move into different roles in the organization.

Team Effectiveness

Understand strengths, weaknesses, and values of the team and how personalities combine to support or hinder effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Interpret assessment data to drive strategic self-awareness and create actionable goals for leadership success.

Areas of application

Talent Acquisition

Know who you’re hiring. Everyone has made bad hires and would prefer not doing it again. With the insight provided by Hogan’s talent acquisition products, you can narrow applicant pools, improve interviews, and find people who will excel in the roles you need to fill, whether entry-level or for the C-suite. Technical skills are easy to spot, but it’s personality that will tell you whether a candidate has the capacity to reskill or upskill as your business’s needs change over time.

Talent Development

Hiring the right people is crucial, but is it enough? For your organization to compete, your employees need to improve their performance continually. Your culture needs to be collaborative and inclusive. Your high-potential pipeline needs to be strong. And your leaders need to make sound decisions, anticipate market trends, and set strategic vision. Hogan can help you target coaching and professional development needs so everyone — including those at the top — can develop the strategic self-awareness to maximize their potential.

Team Development

Individuals devote at least a proportion of their efforts to tasks requiring collaborative work—54% of individuals spend at least 30% of their day in a team setting. Few objectives are accomplished based solely on individual work. Personality is significantly related to team performance and viability. Hogan will help you identify team roles, team derailers and shared values.

Importance in Business

Personality underlies our behavior, actions, reactions, and interactions. Information on a person’s strengths, watch-outs, decision-making processes, and organizational culture.

Some of our clients who use Hogan Assesments

We use Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory to support our decisions as we believe the Hogan tests are valid and reliable tools which help us reduce cost and make hiring and development processes lean and fast.


Delhaize Serbia has been using Hogan Assessment Systems tools in our everyday HR practice for selection and employee development purposes because it is a set of psychometric tools that is highly predictive and useful above all.

Delhaize Group

The unique approach of their advisory team, customization of the testing process and a use of Hogan tests and reports have really made a great impression on us, and resulted in the adoption of effective hiring and HR development practices.


We believe the Hogan tests are useful, valid and reliable tools. With the help of these reports we will improve our HR systems and processes. We appreciate the psychometric background of Hogan’s methods and use these tests in the selection of new employees or development of our staff.