How to attract Generation Y and Z talents?

Companies have been looking for an ideal solution to pick and keep the best talents from generation Y and Z – the generations entering the job market. Creativity and innovation in the selection process is the right answer.

The new generations

As children, generations Y and Z would no longer spend their free time outdoors playing with friends. More often than not, they were closed in their rooms for hours watching their PC monitors, later replaced by smart phones and tablets. Now they reach an age when they leave their parents’ homes and enter their first job. The financial crisis is long gone now and the market has provided people with a vast array of vacancies across all fields. Generation Y and Z don’t have to worry that hundreds of other candidates are waiting to snatch their dream position. They can afford to browse through the offer servers and choose only what is really interesting – being picky is typical for them.

They won’t do without apps on their phones. Now they are coming to the job market, but they still want to enjoy themselves. They are picky and the situation on the market plays in their cards.

What are the common attributes of generation Y and Z?

They want to have fun. For them, university studies are not only linked to lectures and exams, but also to parties with friends or festivals. No wonder they don’t want to give that up. They are different from their parents’ generation; 8 hours daily for thirty years in one workplace is not attractive to them. They love to discover the world and don’t want to settle down. They are:


The easier it is for young people, the harder it is for companies. Methods and tools for employee selection – their efficiency proven by years in practice – are no longer enough, and practically not applicable to generations Y and Z. Companies currently struggle with low interest in listed vacancies, and if they want to maintain the quality of their staff, they should adjust to their potential candidates to a certain extent.

How to target generation Y and Z?

When publishing job ads, companies cannot offer the same things as five years ago. The biggest interest of the graduates and entry-level applicants is in home office, flexible working hours and a wide range of entertainment benefits. Companies need to build interest and shape their image as an attractive and innovative organization, employer branding should already be started at the beginning of the recruitment. However, the work of companies does not end here. The candidate is motivated, but the recruitment process can make it all come crashing down.

Can your organization keep the candidates’ engagement all the way through the whole selection process?

It is possible, but companies need to choose right tools to keep it up! With the development of mobile applications, psychodiagnostics enters the world of digital technologies. This upgrade does not affect the quality of the evaluation, it’s actually quite the opposite. The implementation of neuro-scientific knowledge into game environment provides as much valuable psychodiagnostics information as the classical methods. The time investment is also lower, so businesses can get valid results in a couple of minutes. This form of assessment can keep the candidates engaged as well as increase their interest in the company. Game-based assessments combine applied neuroscientific knowledge and game platforms for engagement purposes, making it an ideal tool for attracting and selecting the right candidates.

Mgr. Barbora Hájková, Ing. Eva Řibřidová – Assessment Systems Czech Republic

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