Soft skill training methodology and repertoire

Training and Development

Training you have never experienced before! – Assessment Systems International is aware of the newest trends and needs of the training market, is aware of what really works in terms of people development and has revamped the way training can be done. If you just need a casual training for 1 or 2 days, we are ready to deliver it to you, but if you are looking for the best ROI, come and take a closer look to our brand new system.

  • We have 5+1 different blocks of training topics. Topics are grouped into blocks based on their effects and the type of competencies they aim to develop in participants. Each group has at least three sub-topics, which can be asked for separately, however we suggest focusing on them together as they have similar background in personality and motivators and their effects can add up together.
  • We have 4 different types of soft skill training methods.

The Short

This training is for the experienced audience who knows something about the topic, had to practice the given skill before, but they need the newest trends and want to broaden their view with new applications. Hence this one provides you with some considerable theories, facts and an opportunity to get some real experience during half a day or during short individual mentoring session. Inquisitives are welcome!

The Classic

This training represents the typical way of skill development as it takes usually one or two days to complete and guide you through a fair amount of theories with a massive number of exercises to acquire some selfexperience and try yourself regarding the given skills. Games and active participation guaranteed!

The Combined

This training combines the classic way with individual focused development. In case you are not a believer of mastering a skill in 2 days, in this version we provide you our trainers to escort you after the training, actualize the skills you have learnt about and discuss your real-life challenges and experience. You will go through group workshops and then short individual coaching/mentoring cycle. Something you will not forget!

Leadership Academy

A full program that gives you the opportunity to develop your leaders and talents through number of training that will arm them with all the necessary skills they need as superiors. We design and tailor-made full course for you, including assessments, feedbacks, training days, follow-ups, homework and remeasurement. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Why assesment systems?


  • Self-acknowledgement and psychology of communication
  • Dealing with customer: Emotion processing
  • Communication typology: Use in sales
  • Leadership self-awareness


  • Motivation in every day working practice
  • Individual motivation traits
  • Drive, energy and purpose
  • Responsibility and engagement
  • Self-development and development of others


  • Dealing with people: Effective communication
  • Assertiveness and negotiation
  • Internal communication and conflict management
  • Persuasive communication and self-presentation
  • Strategic internal communication


  • Visions and goals setting
  • Situation and problem analysis
  • Sources utilization
  • Decision making
  • Results evaluation


  • Self-management and control of will
  • Stress-management
  • Change management
  • Time-management


  • Team dynamics: role of facilitator
  • Ground rules of facilitation
  • Team decision making
  • Innovative thinking
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