Soft skill training methodology and repertoire

Training and Development

The soft skills can make or break our career, no matter our IQ or our hard skills. Soft-skills can´t be replaced by machines and they are the powers that help us overcome the problems and crises. That´s why they are the key to success of any company in todays´ dynamic and changing world.


By means of our tools we help you our clients understand what your employees and leaders need with regard to your strategical objectives. Based on these discoveries our consultants and trainers design suitable trainings and programs for your company.

We build our development programs and trainings on:

Expertise and latest findings

in psychology, sociology, leadership theories and research

Our own successful experience

from strategic management positions

Practical, businesslike approach

prioritizing hands-on experience and interactive sessions, where sharing among the participants is encouraged

Approach allowing

to learn and practice over a longer period, including blended learning

The ultimate objective of any developmental activity we provide is to increase a level of self-management, building on three pillars: (self-)awareness, responsibility and self-confidence.

Self-management is a prerequisite to be engaged and empowered employee. Self-management is also a crucial competence of any leader.

We can support you in an important change, cultural shift or transformation through our programs, such as Leadership Academy, Team Efficiency Booster, Future Talent Program, Wellbeing solution  where long-term and blended approach are applied.

We can help you develop strategically crucial skills of your employees by means of one-shot trainings, blended learning or micro-learning in following areas:

  1. Personal development
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Leading a team
  4. HR skills

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