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In today’s dynamic world, employees are one of the valuable assets of an organisation and the key to success. Having quality employees will help companies run and grow. However, it can be a daunting task to recruit and keep top talent. One of the major fears for HRs during recruitment is hiring the wrong person, which can be a colossal waste of time, money, and other resources. Against this backdrop, a question that remains for HRs is how to ensure that the candidate hired is an excellent fit on all levels and how to enhance their competencies so that they can thrive in their jobs and drive company growth?  Assessment Systems has the answer.

Assessment Systems’ Integrated Approach to Choose the Right ‘People’

As an international HR consulting group, the company Assessment Systems is on a mission to help organisations to hire the right people, to hone employees’ skills and competencies, build great leaders, and guarantee a return of investment. To achieve this task, the company utilises innovative tools and service that not only shape employee’s future but also improve the overall business environment.

According to Rostislav Benak, Chairman of the Board at Assessment Systems, “in the business world, there are two major resources required to succeed – money and people, and we deal with everything related to people.” Having been in the industry for over fifteen years, Benak has been focused on bringing a team of professional consultants to the market with a sole purpose of helping organisations to grow by developing their human capital. Currently operating in the CEE and CIS regions, the company has over a thousand satisfied corporate clients, ranging from small corporations to multi-national companies.

The impeccable solutions and service of Assessment Systems help clients in three major domains – selecting appropriate people, a core development of the human asset, and a strategic HR process to ensure long-term business objectives. 

Read the full article in HRTech Outlook magazine’s November issue or on their website. 

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