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What is Assessment Center?

Assessment centers are generally recommended in situations when an employer needs to make sure that the right person is chosen for a certain job.

The Assessment Center (AC) is the most reliable method for selecting employees with the highest potential for performing a given job. This method combines various situations and tasks that correspond with the competencies necessary to succeed in a specific position.

The Assessment Center is usually designed as a half-day or one-day program. The tasks can include a presentation on a given topic, role playing, group and individual tasks or case studies. Psychometric testing is also an important part of the selection process.

In order to design the AC tasks well, a detailed analysis of the present and future requirements for performing the given job successfully must be carried out. Having multiple assessors, who bring various methods, observe the candidates, and compare their observations and evaluations after the AC, it ensures the objectivity of the final decision.

How does Assessment Center work?

Candidates are observed in several individual and group situations (job psychodiagnostics, performance tests, model situations, case studies, role play, for example) that correspond to the competencies necessary for success in the given position within the organization.

  • Individual AC to assess leadership potential of the candidates for managerial role or executive functions
  • Group AC to assess specific competencies for expert roles
  • Assessing the potential of both external and internal candidates
  • Choosing Talent Program participants

How will your company and cadidates benefit from the Assessment Center?

Benefits for the employer

  • ACs provide highly relevant information about strengths and weaknesses of the candidates that would not be detected with other methods.
  • ACs measure competencies necessary for success in the given position within the organization.
  • ACs provide comparisons of the candidates.
  • ACs are a fair and legally justifiable method of selecting employees.
  • ACs improve the competency and professional approach of internal assessors.

Benefits for the candidates

  • The design and atmosphere of the ACs reflect the culture of the employer’s organization and thus the candidates get an idea of what it would be like to work for the given organization
  • ACs are an interesting developmental experience for participants
  • ACs are perceived as having fair selection methods
  • ACs simulate life-like situations which are exciting for the participants

Benefits of our Assessment center


Well-prepared, validated competency sets are available for the specific requirements of the position.


We are flexible. Customizing the competency sets to fit your corporate measures is easy.


The individual and group reports could be branded with your company logo.


Our reports are well-designed and easy to understand. Detailed information about candidates’ potential is described.


We are capable to deliver ACs in multiple languages making it easy to use in any international corporations globally.


We have always tailor-made our activities to the client´s specific needs with our wide choice of activities for different job levels, positions and industries.


Using different methods of evaluation ensure quality of assessment and avoid subjectivity of the results.


We consider expertise of our assessors to be one of the most important parts of our ACs. The training for internal clients’ assessors will be provided to ensure high quality of observation.


The cooperation on selection process between client and our consultants can be covered in all its context to ensure high value of the service.

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