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Business simulation


What is a business simulation powered AC/DC?

A Business Simulation is a cloud-based application that gives a lifelike environment where participants can make managerial decisions at virtual enterprises and see consequences of their decisions.

Evaluating job-fit in a simulated environment is a risk-free approach and also allows reiteration of the situation with alternative approaches. This is where business simulation powered assessment and development center can outstandingly help to observe the required competencies.

The solution has several gamification elements (e.g. leaderboards, badges, instant feedback messages) that are designed to increase a continued engagement of the participants.

What are the characteristics of business simulation AC/DCs?



Individual or group assessment

Online access

Serious game


Observable competencies

Innovative and digitized

How does business simulation AC/DC work?

The simulation provides a lifelike, but fictional business environment to the whole assessment setup, where all the other (more traditional) exercises, such as role plays and presentations, are set in this fictional environment.
The idea of a coherent business framework makes the whole assessment procedure more realistic and relevant for candidates or participants.

The course of business simulation during AC/DCs

  • Act as a manager
  • Analyze business numbers
  • Make periodic business decisions
  • Make ad-hoc role-related decisions
  • Track and react to the consequences of your decisions live

What are the characteristics of business simulation AC/DCs?


Accessible online with little equipment required.


Business simulation provides all the information needed.

No-test behaviour

Participants forget about being observed and act authentically.

Flow experience

Due to gamified environment, participants get into FLOW state.


Simulation results in better candidate experience and better employer branding.


Several individual participants’ performance and competencies can be compared.

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Examples for observable competencies:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Risk-taking
  • Business Acumen
  • Financial Acumen
  • Customer-focus
  • Adaptivity
  • People management
  • Time-management
  • Decision quality
  • Priority-setting
  • Drive-for results
  • Goal-orientation
  • Digital savvy

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