Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT)

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NRT is a test of numerical intelligence, which manifests itself in the ability to understand quantitative concepts and to manipulate with numerical symbols. People with high numerical intelligence understand basic mathematical principles well, they are able to work with numbers effectively and they can use these skills in solving practical problems, which involves numbers and/or their relations in any form.


Numerical intelligence is a key ability wherever one needs to solve numerical problems on a regular basis and make decisions based on numerical information (as for example the position of financial advisor, salesman, financial manager, accountant, data analyst etc.).


NRT finds out about the level of numerical intelligence by way of 16 tasks, where the tested person’s task is to understand instructions, read the required information out of a table and/or a graph and then use this information in a way that allows him/her to answer the question. The test assumes only the knowledge of the four basic arithmetical operations (+, -, *, /) and understanding of a few basic mathematical concepts as for example percentage or ratio of values. That means that the main difference in the performance of the tested people is given mainly by the efficiency they are able to use for understanding the mathematical essence of a given task, reading the key information out of the table and/or the graph and the identification of the right order of the mathematical operations to make.

How does Numerical Reasoning Test work?


Testing from test taker’s home or under controlled testing conditions. Available in 10+ languages (E.g.: English, Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Romanian, Russian etc.).


Fill in online on our user-friendly interface. NRT consists of 16 numerical problems with 26-minute time limit.


Automatically generated feedback report for both the test taker and the test user. Test results are compared to norm group of approximately 800 individuals.

Simple Item

A testees’ task is to analyze numerical data presented in the table and/or on the graph, read the question and finally select a correct answer from eight offered options (a – h). For calculating the answers testees can use their own calculator, paper and pencil. If they do not have access to these aids they can use electronic versions of them that are part of the on-line testing platform.

How will DRT help your organisation and employees?


Selection purposes

It is most useful in situations when you want to estimate what is the candidate’s ability to handle effectively numerical problems that are important part of the job he/she is aspiring for.


Target group

NRT is suitable for jobs assuming the ability to analyze and interpret numerical data when working with budgets, economic indicators, business plans, accounting systems, etc. (e.g.positions as a financial advisor, salesman, financial manager, accountant, data analyst etc.).


Increasing employee success

By incorporating outputs from NRT into your hiring decision making process you can increase the odds that selected candidates will successfully do their job if that job assumes employees’ ability to solve numerical problems.

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