Satisfaction Surveys

What is safisfaction survey?

Satisfaction survey can help you understand the web of social relationships in your organization. It is an anonymous survey among employees mapping their overall satisfaction with their work (environment).

How does your solution work?

  • We perform a detailed study of your company environment through a selection of our pre-prepared questionnaires or ones designed just for you.
  • We distribute and retrieve questionnaires directly in your company.
  • We analyze the answers and prepare a summary report of the survey, including all the important findings and an Executive Summary.
  • We present the results to you and will answer any questions and provide consultation on the application of changes.

How will engagement survey help the company and employees?

The company will get a complex picture of what is appreciated and what is unwelcomed by employees in different areas of work:

  • identification of factors that affect (dis)satisfaction
  • timely identification of potential staff fluctuation risks
  • identification of bottlenecks in internal communication
  • a picture of employee opinions of bonus / incentive programs
  • employee subjective opinion of management.

How can assessment systems help you tu use satisfaction survey?

  • Flexibility of response to your demands.
  • Ability to monitor areas that most interest you.
  • Confidentiality of information, 100% anonymity of all respondents.
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