Arnold – Reinvented employee surveys

Run employee surveys effortlessly and deliver results to the right people instantly. Give your team leaders more insight into their teams and help them grow as managers. Support your top management in making better decisions.

Arnold is a conversation robot designed for online employee surveys and communication with employees. Arnold will make employee surveys more meaningful for HR, managers and employees.

Make yout employee surveys more meaningful and engaging

  • Online surveys for smartphones or desktops
  • Short conversations – meaningful data
  • Actionable online reports
  • Increased response rate

Use Arnold to have regular conversations with your employees, collect and deliver that feedback into actionable reports.

Benefits of Arnold employee surveys


Improve survey response rate

because Arnold is quick, engaging and employees like it. The usual response rate is between 70-80%.


Help managers better lead their team

because they can see the results for their own team in a matter of days with understandable actions to be taken.


Help HR create a better workplace

because the innovative surveys collect meaningful feedback on what what employees think and feel. Helping HR act quickly.


Help top managers make better decisions

because they have real time data for the entire organization as well as individual teams.

How does Arnold work?

  • Arnold is fully online and works in every web browser on your computer and mobile phone.
  • Arnold contains 25+ conversation topics which you can select and schedule as needed.
  • Arnold connects with each employee and has a short conversation with them.
  • Managers receive their team’s results in one day. Arnold sends the reports himself.
  • HR and management get the summary results for the organization.

Good to know about Arnold employee surveys

  • Employees love Arnold surveys
  • One conversation takes up to 5 minutes
  • Results are quick to read, it takes less than 5 minutes
  • Every Team Leader in your organization gets a dedicated report
  • Results arrive quickly after collection
  • Arnold surveys are designed to have an impact
  • You can select the topics to discuss
  • Arnold surveys are GDPR compliant
  • You can select from 7 languages

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