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“Make informed hiring decisions.”

Everyone has made a bad hire. In fact, a research has shown that more than half of new employees fail. Considering a bad hire typically costs 150% of their annual salary, chances are you don’t want it to happen again. We can help.

Hogan Select reports use a personality assessment to identify candidates’ work style, understand their core drivers, and recognize patterns of behavior that could get in their way. Armed with this powerful insight, you can improve hiring, increase productivity, and impact the bottom line.

Hogan Select Report

General employability

A simple, easy-to-use hiring tool that quickly measures how employable a candidate is based on basic job requirements.



The Express Report is based on a candidate’s scores on seven dimensions that influence occupational success within seven job categories: Managers & Executives, Professionals, Technicians & Specialists, Operations & Trades, Sales & Customer Support, Administrative & Clerical, Service & Support. This off-the-shelf report provides an immediate recommendation based on the assessment results that will identify each candidate as high, moderate or low fit for the job opening. Additionally, the report identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern and interview style.

Sample report



The Basis Report combines psychological assessment with behavioral interviewing to evaluate an employment potential of job candidates. This comprehensive report provides a rich description of a candidate’s suitability for the job and organization, a hiring recommendation, full behavioral interview guide, and a hiring decision process – all the information needed to evaluate a candidate and arrive at a quality hiring decision.

Sample report


Sales basis

Sales Basis is an out-of-the-box solution for hiring high revenue-generating sales professionals, used for a broad range of sales jobs across industries.

Sample report


Some of our clients who use Hogan Assessments

We use Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory to support our decisions as we believe the Hogan tests are valid and reliable tools which help us reduce cost and make hiring and development processes lean and fast.


Delhaize Serbia has been using Hogan Assessment Systems tools in our everyday HR practice for selection and employee development purposes because it is a set of psychometric tools that is highly predictive and useful above all.

Delhaize Group

The unique approach of their advisory team, customization of the testing process and the use of Hogan tests and reports have really made a great impression on us, and resulted in the adoption of effective hiring and HR development practices.


We believe the Hogan tests are useful, valid and reliable tools. With the help of these reports we will improve our HR systems and processes. We appreciate the psychometric background of Hogan’s methods and use these tests in the selection of new employees or development of our staff.