Like, Love, Wow: Psychology of the Facebook Reactions

Facebook has recently made a big step forward and opened the door to express our emotions with “Love it” or “Wow” besides the well-known “Like” button, which makes it possible to express our emotions in a better defined way using online social networking.

Does 360 Work For Everyone And How?

360 Degree Feedback has become one of the most frequently used tool in HR assessment - whether for development or other purposes.  Nevertheless opinions about it are still divided while there are more studies and discussion concerning the different aspects of 360˚ Feedback. One of these studies concerns whether 360 works for everyone and under what conditions

Inspiring Stories For Receiving Feedback

We know that the 360° feedback tool is mainly a tool for development: Because of this, we may encounter some interesting and even inspiring stories.

Let me share two different stories where we can see a clear impact on career progress.  


Thomas D. is a manager in a big industrial company. He was seeking promotion to a new position where he would lead 90 employees. When I met with Thomas, I had the result of his 360° report as well as his Hogan Assessment Personality Report.

10 things you didn’t know about 360˚ feedback

1. The 360˚ feedback is the ultimate tool today

Nowadays it’s no longer just the manager who’s creating the content for employee evaluation. 360˚ feedback draws from a wealth of sources, including self-ratings, peer reviews, client feedback, upward assessments and the opinions of immediate supervisors and because of that it is believed to be the best way to get a clear picture of someone’s performance. Hence 360˚ is the most commonly used feedback tool by organizations today.

How To Use LinkedIn To Predict Employee Performance

Modern media are becoming a vast source of information about people just simply because people are spending more and more of their time online.  According to global web index research, we spend 6 hours a day online, and social media consumes an important part of that time.

Recruiters are seeking to fill positions by searching Linkedin’s 380 million users to find ideal candidates and considering their online resume.

Hogan and ICF Strategic Partnership with 20% Discount

Hogan Assessments, an international leader in personality assessment and leadership development, has established a new strategic partnership with the International Coach Federation as an assessment provider for the organization.

The partnership, announced in September at ICF Advance 2015: Science of Coaching, will combine the market-leading strengths of each organization and place Hogan in front of 24,000-plus ICF members in more than 130 countries while providing ICF with the predictive power of Hogan's assessment suite developed over 30 years of experience with data from millions of global leaders.

3 Ways How to Seem Smarter!

"No psychologist has ever observed intelligence; many have observed intelligent behavior."

Isidor Chein

Intelligence is critical for getting ahead in your career. Professionals are required to make critical decisions in an increasingly ambiguous and fast-paced environment, and without the required intellectual horsepower, you’re going to have a hard time getting the job done. But what is intelligence really? Rather than education or IQ, real intelligence should be measured in terms of judgment.

“Three Ways to Seem Smarter”, a new ebook from Hogan, shows you three ways to improve your judgment, make better decisions, and seem smarter. Download it free today.

Are Competencies Still Alive?

Discussing competencies at the personality level is what those in mainstream organizational psychology have been doing for the past three decades which is the most reliable and valid method for predicting future job performance.

“Are Competencies Still Alive?” explains why employers are forced to evaluate potential rather than talent, why organizations no longer pay a premium for what employees already know, and how to think about competencies in terms of stable dispositions. Download it free today.


Why Hogan?

If you look at other vendors out there that provide these kind of tools, the Hogans kind of stand out, as I would say, at the top of the ladder.  I've known them for decades, I've worked with them for decades, and if there's a question I have about personality assessment, I call the Hogans.

Dr. David Jones - CEO of Growth Ventures, Inc.

Human Capital Management as a Business Driver - Research report


Many experts would agree that high quality HR management has the ability to bring a benefit to an organization from under utilized employee potential.  Hard data speak clearly: badly chosen employees can cost a company approximately 150% of his annual salary (Hogan Assessment, 2014).  Conversely, the existence of quality HR processes increase profitability 19% and productivity by 18% (Patterson and co., 1997).  As this added value is realized, it is necessary to place HR strategically and provide it with a meaningful role in the organization.